TES was formed in 1991 from a core of experienced personnel from one of the first laboratories performing Method 25 analyses. The first six months were spent designing and manufacturing the various sampling and analytical systems required to support the clients. Taking away many of the modifications introduced by the premier laboratories in this area at that time, we began with the method as it was written and looked at improvements compared to that baseline. This allowed us to improve the method without changing the legal applications. The improved QA/QC programs implemented allowed us to become the best source for the sampling equipment and laboratory services in this arena. As the competing laboratories ceased operation we added their equipment to our inventory, which allowed us to compliment the sampling equipment purchased by our clients in addition to providing our own designs for similar equipment.

We later became involved with the sampling and analysis of landfill gas, which was very similar to work we had been performing for researchers at NC State University in several of the prior years. We continued to develop additional QA/QC protocols to support these new analyses and equipment needs, which required a close working relationship with the U.S. EPA Emission Measurement Center employees working nearby in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) of North Carolina.

We moved to our new facility in the summer of 2014 after over two decades in our old facility outside of the RTP. The move was the result of a small fire, which caused heavy smoke damage to the old facility. Not long after moving to the small town of Hillsborough, we were acquired by Enthalpy Analytical, a subsidiary of Montrose Environmental Group, as part of their expansion plans. Several months later we reached an agreement to repurchase TES and return to the independent laboratory we had once been.

TES Certification/Accreditations:

  • SCAQMD LAP Reference #: 94 LA 0401
  • PADEP Registration # 68-3321
  • SSAS ID # L0055