Triangle NoTES - June 2013

I am sorry this was so much later than I had wanted, but the NELAP accreditation and a couple of storms that knocked out power and internet access for a couple of days each took a toll of my time. This newsletter covers the current status of the new privatized audit program.

As most everyone should know by now, there are a small number of audits which will be required for testing starting 16 June 2013. Currently there are fifteen (15) different metals available on glass fiber filters and sixteen (16) available in impinger solutions. There are six (6) inorganics available in impinger solutions. The audits will be available from one of two current private suppliers. More audits will be available over time and the website for either TNI or the U.S. EPA should be monitored for additions as they become available. Both sites mirror each other on the audits available.

The EPA site is as follows:

The TNI site is as follows:

Testers, laboratories, regulators, and other users of the audit system will have to apply for a user ID in order to access the database of results. There are already a few users who have been assigned IDs, but as the program gets going, the numbers will increase. I would suggest making the application sooner rather than later to avoid the rush.

In the future, if more suppliers for some or all of audits become available, these providers will be added to the websites as they are accredited.

Wayne Stollings

Triangle Environmental Services, Inc.