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September 2016



Discussion on the use of our supplies COC in the various report segments.


There has always been a level of confusion as to what our Chain-of-Custody for Supplies is and how it is supposed to be used by our clients. To explain this it might be better to start with some background information.


The Supplies COC was, like most things, born of a regulatory agency request. We had a client who had been questioned about the equipment they received and how they knew it was “sample ready”. It sounds a little counter-intuitive since the laboratory is tasked with that documentation, but it is not impossible for an error to happen and the wrong equipment is sent to the wrong customer. With this question presented, we developed the COC for the sampling equipment we send to our clients as an answer.


The COC lists the client to which the equipment is to be shipped and the ID number of each piece of equipment such as sample consoles, tanks, or traps used in taking the samples. We indicate the condition in which we shipped the sample tanks, such as under pressure, under vacuum, or under a partial vacuum for sampling landfill gas. The COC also serves to document the treatment of and the minimal allowed cleanliness of each of the types of equipment as well as to document the fact that the sample tanks are leak checked prior to their being checked for cleanliness. This is more of a necessity for sampling landfill gas since the sample tanks are prepped and ready to sample, but it can also be used in other types of sampling.


Thus, the purpose for the Supplies COC is more to be included in the field sampling documents rather than to be returned to the laboratory. Should you desire to use this Supplies COC to document the status of the equipment you received in your field report, all you need to do is to sign and fill out the receipt lines and include it with the field sampling paperwork. If you do not desire to use it there is nothing wrong with that from our perspective. We would rather supply it and it not be needed than to not supply it and it be needed. Much of the same information on the equipment is included in the report. We detail the equipment cleaning procedures, including the leak check, and the minimum level of cleanliness required for all equipment. We also detail the sample trap ID, sample tank ID, the pressures/temperatures of the sample tank prior to recovery or analysis, in addition to the pressure/temperature of the sample tank before and after sampling. This report information does not document the sampling console ID nor does it document if the laboratory sent the equipment under positive pressure or a vacuum. That information can be provided if requested, of course, but if there is ever a question on site the Supplies COC has it all there prior to sampling or the report being issued.


The Chain-of-Custody for Supplies is in addition to the normal sample COC and should not be confused with or used to replace that important document.


A copy of the document is availalbe to view in the forms so that the explanation is more clearly illustrated.


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