Triangle NoTES — February 2016

This newsletter is to restart my newsletter program, to give information on how to seal Tygon tubing to a barb fitting, and to update the ownership of TES.

Yes, this is a return to the use of the newsletter I have used for the last couple of decades.

After my email concerning the potential leakage using Tygon tube on barb fittings, a few of you reminded me of some of the other ways by which one could also secure the tubing to the fitting.

One prominent tester, who many would recognize if I mentioned his name, uses small electrical wire ties, which work great in their experience. We have also used the very small electrical wire ties to hold 1/8 OD tubing onto the air actuators used on on our analyzers. This is mainly to prevent the connection from separating due to pressure, but it also prevents leakage, which would be very noticeable. Of course the smaller the tie is in thickness the more flexible it will be, and the more flexible the better the seal it will ensure. This may be the best solution for ease of application, simplicity of operation, and resulting seal.

Another solution, which is more of an emergency or field expedient solution, is to use the wire from the tags like we send with the samples. A portion of the wire may be wrapped around the tubing a couple of times, either after or between the barbs, and then twisted together to prevent it from becoming loose.

The reason I have reinstated the former newsletter is that we are again an independent laboratory effective the first of February after seven months as part of Enthalpy/Montrose. I have always liked the role an independent laboratory can play in this industry and I am looking forward to returning to that view by everyone. Invoices and reports will now come from TES and TES only from this point forward. The prior invoices from Enthalpy/ Montrose should be paid to them.

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